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Book with a York escort agency who you can trust! We have put our confidence in hand chosen York escorts to represent our agency and deliver a personalised encounter. Which will make any client crave for more. Matching qualified and skilled escorts with existing and new clients is our aim. Only the best escorts in York are head-hunted to join Camelot York escort agency. Our executive recruitment, who are experts in adult talent search, carefully select stunning and professional female escorts to work with us. For the escorts who have been hand chosen, it is the ultimate confidence boost to join this established escort agency in York!  We are proud of our outstanding reputation and want it to remain that way. We believe in quality escorts, not quantity. Escorts are offered an elite position within the York escort agency and a higher hourly wage.  

If you are currently working as an escort in York. Or you are completely new to the industry. Apply online or over the phone to arrange an informal meeting with the Camelot interviewer specialists. It is worth remembering, that if you have an outstanding reputation within the York escort industry, you will already be well known to us. If our talent searchers have not contacted you, they may feel that you are not suited to be a York escort advertised by Camelot. 

There are reasons as to why some escorts, even those who are experienced do not get selected to join Camelot. We are accustomed to the York model escorts. There´s no denying that every man in York is attracted to these stunning escorts. But they have diva attitudes and think they are princesses. They have completely the wrong personalities to make clients relaxed and to feel wanted. They have plenty of spell-bounded first time clients, but no regulars. Their beauty has made them big-headed which is an ugly characteristic for York escort work.  

The escorts whom we hand pick and are subsequently advertised by Camelot escort agency in York, have the total package. They may not be super- models but they are attractive. Most importantly they have friendly and fun personalities that every man can get along with. They are people´s persons who genuinely care about the customer that they are entertaining. They are down to earth and have no discrimination with regards to a client’s age, race or skin colour. Customer satisfaction comes first, the large income is secondary. Only escorts with these qualities are hand chosen for Camelot companion services.